Chemiservice sits on over 1,000 sm surface equipped with all machineries needed to execute chemical and microbiological analyses on several food and non food matrices.

The three departments (chemical, environmental and microbiological) are provided with:

Basic Instrumentation:

  • Densimeters, refractometers, technical and analytical scales, under vacuum and in vapour stream distillers, microwaves mineralizators, centrifuges, viscometers, high pression extractors, homogenizers, pH meters, conductometers, smoke point, TOC, Karl Fisher, stoves, mills, muffle furnaces.

Advanced Instrumentation:

  • UV/VIS and NIR spectrophotometers, Gas chromatographers with various injection systems (static headspace, on columnsplit/splitless, P&T, HS/SPME) and detectors: GC/FID, GC/ECD, GC/MS, GC/MS (QQQ), ionic chromatographers (IC) with conducibility detection and pulsed amperometry, high performance liquid cromatographers with UV and with fluorometric detection, refractive index and mass spectrometers with triple quadrupole, (HPLC/DAD, HPLC/FL, HPLC/MS (QQQ)), atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) and mass spectrometers with plasma source (ICP/MS).

For microbiological tests, the department disposes of the following equipments:

  • Homogenizers, stirrers, incubators, autoclave, microscopes.

Molecular Biology unit uses PCR/real time and immunochemical techniques (ELISA).

The several international acknowledgments, the very high standards required by Quality certification, the customer satisfaction degree represent the engine driving our lab to constantly commit toward technological innovation, investment in new machineries, lifelong learning of technical staff, research and development activities, in order to work on defining new analytical methods and ensuring reliable results in optimized timelines.


Accreditations and authorisations