Ring tests

Ring tests: chemical sector

  • International Olive Council (COI), quality control of analytical determinations on olive oil;
  • Oils and Fats Experimental Station (SSOG) in Milan, quality control of analytical determinations on vegetable oils;
  • Emilia Romagna Region ARPA (Ferrara section);
  • AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program Olive Oil and Oilseeds;
  • FOSFA annual proficiency test on vegetable oil and oilseeds;
  • QS Pesticides laboratory performance assessment;
  • FAPAS Ring Test to search for contaminants and micropollutants in the food matrix (pesticides, PAHS, phthalates and metals).

Ring tests: microbiology sector

  • Laboratory of the Government Chemist (LGC) in London, microbiological detections on food and water intended for human consumption;
  • UNICHIM, microbiological determinations on drinking water and waste water.

Ring tests: environmental sector

  • UNICHIM: chemical determinations on waste water
  • QUALITY CONSULT QC: chemical determinations on soils and land
  • FAPAS – LEAP (London): search for contaminants (metals, volatile organic compounds, hydrocarbons and PAHS); characterisation of water: physico-chemical parameters, inorganic and organic constituents.

Accreditations and authorisations