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Information according to the articles 13 and 14 of the EU Regulation n. 2016/679 on the protection of personal data and following national adjustment laws

According to the articles 13 and 14 of the EU Regulation n. 2016/679 (later reported as GDPR) and following national adjustment laws (later reported as Applicable Regulations) on the processing and protection of personal data, this company, represented by pro tempore manager, in his capacity as the Holder of processing, in the pursuit of the interest concerning the processing made by subjects that carry out duties of private interest or linked to exercising powers, as regards the purposes of chemical analyses in food field, publishes in the form and according to the timetable determined by laws, the following information.


In this section, there are the information on the management modalities of personal data with reference to their processing in the website

The information is valid also according to the Law by decree n. 196/2003, modified by the Law by decree 101/2018, and according to the articles 13 and 14 of the EU Regulation n. 2016/679, relating to the protection of natural persons concerning the processing of personal data and free circulation of those data, for the subjects interacting with website.

The information is given only for the website and not also for other websites potentially consulted by the user using links contained in it.

The aim of this document is to provide with the instructions on the modalities, the timetable and the nature of the information that the Holder of data processing must supply to users in the moment of the connection to web pages of the site independently from the purposes of the connection itself, according to Italian and EU regulations.


The Holder of data processing (later reported as Holder) is the company Chemiservice S.r.l. Via Vecchia Ospedale strada privata 11 - 70043 Monopoli (BA), email, in the person of the pro tempore manager.



To offer the services reported by his website, the Holder of processing must process some personal data.

These data can be supplied implicitly by the tools necessary to enter and use the services or they can be provided explicitly by the person concerned.

The Holder can process the following categories of personal data of users:

  • Technical data of web surfing relating to the IP address, the identification codes of the devices used by the users for enjoying the website or services, the type of browser and the parameters of the device used for the connection to website, the name of the internet service provider (ISP), the date and time of visit, the source web page of visitor (referral) and the exit web page, possibly the number of clicks;
  • Common identification data provided by user (for example name, surname, email, telephone number, location, etc.) to meet his requests.

The processing of personal data by institutional site will have the purpose of fulfilling the duties deriving from laws, rules and regulations and, anyway, they will be processed exclusively for the institutional aims of the company, that are those relating to food chemical analysis.

Moreover, for the purpose of the site security, the data automatically recorded, such as IP address, could be used, in accordance with the relevant laws in force, in order to stop attempts of damage to that site or to other users, or anyway harmful or constituting crime activities. Those data are never used for user’s profiling, but only to protect the website and its users.



The persons concerned must confer all mandatory personal data and could submit further optional data to gain individual condition benefits so that the Holder can carry out the process defined in purposes/procedures.

The data received will be processed by the Holder, both in electronic and paper format, suitable for a guaranteeing its security and privacy and it will be carried out by internal personnel formally authorized and properly trained to comply with Applicable Regulations, like, as a not complete example: pro tempore manager, partners, subjects in charge of administrative processing (it means administrative office) and staff members, as regards  the data necessary to company, evaluation and supplementary activities.

The data aim of the processing, still with reference to contractual and legal obligations, could be communicated to subjects external to the company like, as a not complete example:

  • Certifying administrations during the controls of equivalent statements given for the purpose of Presidential Decree 145/2000;
  • Health services in charge of health inspector visit and assessment of job suitability;
  • Bodies in charge of the recognition of duty/fair indemnity lawsuit, according to Presidential Decree 461/2001;
  • Bodies in charge of the supervision in the field of hygiene and safety in workplaces (Law by decree n. 81/2008 later supplemented by Law by decree n. 106 of 3rd August 2009);
  • Welfare, social security, insurance Bodies, police authorities for the purpose of welfare and social security, as well as the report of occupational diseases or accidents at work according to Presidential Decree n. 1124/1965;
  • Provincial administrations for the personnel compulsorily employed according to the Law 68/1999;
  • Union organizations for carrying out the payment of membership fees and the management of union permits;
  • Control Bodies (Court of Accounts and Ministry of Economy and Finance): for the purpose of the control of legitimacy and annotation of the expenditure of the measures of legal and economic status of personnel according to Law n. 20/94 and Presidential Decree 20 February 1998, n.38;
  • Income Revenue Authority: for the purpose of tax duties of personnel according to Law 30 December 1991, n. 413;
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance: for the payment of emoluments linked to the cessation of the service according to Law 8 August 1995, n. 335;
  • To ordinary and administrative-accounting Magistratures and Bodies of police force, to exercise justice action;
  • To self-employed, for the purpose of defense and consultancy, included those of the opposing party for correspondence.
  • To companies that carry out activities in outsourcing on behalf of the Holder, in their capacity as responsible for processing, in the field of providing, managing and maintenance of informative services used by the company.


The data subjected to processing will be processed within EU territory, so they are not subjected to transfer.



The data will be kept for the period useful to the management of the undersigned contract; the duration is fixed by specific rules and regulations or according to criterions adapted to the specific processing carried out from time to time. It is not planned the destruction or cancellation of the personal data processed in the field of contract signing, except explicit requests of the person concerned, if acceptable.


  • The person concerned has always the right to ask the Processing Holder, using the contacts provided at point 2 of this information, to gain access to his data, to rectify or cancel them, to limit the processing or to have the chance to oppose to the processing, to request data portability, to revoke the consent to processing asserting these and the other rights reported in the articles 15-22 of GDPR by means of a simple communication to the Holder, to contacts listed in the first part of this information. Moreover, the person concerned has always the right to make a complaint to the Control Authority of the article 77 of the GDPR, contactable at the address or by the website

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