In light of increasing requirements relating to the ever-greater focus on environmental issues, Chemiservice has set up a laboratory dedicated to chemical-physical analysis of environmental matrices.
The team, consisting of technicians and professionals, handles both laboratory analysis and sampling and, given the constantly evolving legislation, they all attend refresher courses on an ongoing basis.

Main analytical determinations carried out:


  • Water intended for human consumption pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 31/2006:

Electrical conductivity, pH, hardness, fixed residue at 180°C; residual disinfectant (free available chlorine); oxidisability, alkalinity; bicarbonates; anions (chlorides, fluorides, nitrates, nitrites, sulphates), heavy metals (Antimony, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Selenium, Vanadium), alkali metals and alkaline earth metals (calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium), ammonium ion; total phosphorus, pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile halogenated compounds (tetrachloroethylene, dichloroethane, trihalomethanes, vinyl chloride), concentration of hydrogen ions per pH unit, Total Organic Carbon (TOC).

  • Waste water running on the surface and into the sewage system (Annex 5 to Part III tab 3 Italian Legislative Decree 152/2006) and into the soil (Annex 5 to Part III tab 4 Italian Legislative Decree 152/2006)

Temperature, pH, SAR, colour, smell, coarse material, Total suspended solids (TSS), BOD5, COD, heavy metals, hexavalente Chromium, total cyanid, available active chlorine, sulphides, sulphites, sulphates, chlorides, fluorides, total phosphorus, total, ammoniacal, nitrous and nitric Nitrogen, animal/vegetal fats and oils, total hydrocarbons, total aromatic organic solvents, nitrogenous organic solvents, chlorinated solvents, total surfactants, phosphorites pesticides, total pesticides (phosphorites included), total phenols, aldehydes, E. coli, acute toxicity test.

  • Swimming pool water under National Agreement 16/01/2003

Temperature, pH, Total suspended solids (TSS), colour, free active chlorine, combined active chlorine, organic substances (permanganate analysis), turbidity, coarse material, isocyanuric acid, nitrates, flocculants.

  • Surface and ground water pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 152/2006

Temperature, Electrical conductivity, fixed residue at 180°C, oxidisability, total Nitrogen, ammoniacal Nitrogen, nitric Nitrogen, nitrous Nitrogen, Anions, COD, heavy metals, alkali metals and alkaline earth metals.





The Environmental Sector can carry out the following activities according to current legislation:

analyses pursuant to Italian Ministerial Decree of 27/09/2010, so as modified by Italian Ministerial Decree 24/06/2015 for dumping of wastes, analyses for wastes determination as per simplifies procedures for wastes recovery according with DM 05/02/1998.


The laboratory carries out searches for asbestos in waste and construction materials, and the quantification of airborne asbestos. The laboratory also carries out sampling and analysis of emissions into the atmosphere.



Accreditations and authorisations