Independent laboratory specialized in chemical, microbiological and biochemical analysis services for food, environmental, industrial and cosmetic industry

Chemical analyses on vegetable oils and fatty substances

Chemical analyses and other product analyses on oils and fats intended for human consumption, raw materials and processing by-products.

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Chemical analyses on food

Chemical analysis of food and animal feed, raw materials, by-products and finished products.

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Microbiological analyses

Analysis of products intended for human and animal nutrition, water (drinking water, surface water, sewage, processing water, swimming and spa water) and surfaces of production areas.

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Chemical analysis of environmental matrices

Chemical-physical analyses of environmental matrices. Our team, consisting of technicians and professionals, can carries out both sampling and analysis.

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Consulting services

A team of professionals assists the customer and is able to resolve issues relating to constant adaptation to requirements provided in the food, environmental and cosmetic sectors.

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Accreditations and authorisations